Never Was So Much - Poster

Was the PM talking about our collective debt to the banks?

Of course not. Churchill was talking about the men dying to prevent the Nazi invasion of this country, not the banksters who worked out how to enslave their great grandchildren three generations later.

Could they have even imagined a debt of One and a Half Trillion Pounds? If you put a million quid on a bus, you’d need one and a half million buses to carry it. Do we even have that many buses?

What would they say, The Few, if they knew that bright, sunny future they were promised had come to this: a nation enslaved not to Fascism, but unfettered free market Capitalism? Weren’t they fighting for Democracy?

And remember those Reds under the bed? Turns out it was the Blues at the bank: we spend as much on interest each year as we spend on defence.

£1.6 Trillion. That’s our debt: 87.4% of GDP. Anything above 40% is considered dodgy. More than double that? Utter madness.

The rich got richer, and it’s time you got the picture. For a long time we suspected the Great and the Good were not that great and not much good, but we never really knew, did we?

Well, now we do:

Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday, WMD’s that didn’t exist, financial catastrophe, Libor manipulation, HSBC’s industrial scale tax evasion, HMRC’s sweetheart deals with industrial scale tax evaders, Jimmy Saville and the BBC (which looked the other way), tabloid journalists hacking the phone of Milly Dowler (a murder victim), the assassination of Charles de Menezez and the IPCC cover-up, the death of Ian Tomlinson from an assault by a policeman, the surveillance by the same police force of Stephen Lawrence’s family. MP’s expenses…

Everywhere we look, trust has been abandoned. A month doesn’t go by without new revelations of dark goings on.

Parliament is the ultimate arena in democratic society, the price of admission set at First Prize in a local popularity contest. Once the winners take their seats, Members may vote as they wish. They may follow their conscience… or not. Those with ambition will toe the Party line, the best trodden route to a ministerial position when politics finally starts to pay. Handsomely.

So lets stop expecting our elected leaders to look out for us, shall we? They couldn’t care less what we think or feel at any time except election time. Did a million people in London stop the Iraq War? Did Brian Haw? He died protesting, that bloke.

If we want Parliament to act in our best interests, we’re going to have to do it ourselves. And the mechanism for peaceful revolution has been staring us in the face for generations: Democracy. It wasn’t handed to us on a plate: it’s a right our ancestors fought hundreds of years to get. And it’s not God-given either: it has only existed for about three hundred of the last five thousand years. The modern version has been with us for less than a century.

So, we don’t have to take up arms. No one will be killed. There will be no executions. All we have to do is line up in an orderly fashion, and vote. If you carry on voting the way you have – or not voting at all – the status quo will remain more or less as is: the rich will continue to exploit the poor, rich countries will carry on treating war as an offshore business, politicians will carry on representing their own best interests, and more and more life on our precious planet will suffer.

But there is hope: thirty to forty percent of the electorate in this country don’t vote. If we tap half that vote, we’re players. If we tap them all, we’re the Government.

But if you don’t have the bottle to do it for yourself, think of your kids. Think of their kids. If we carry on the same trajectory we’re on, they’re likely to find themselves  back in the time of the Brontes. All very well if they’re rich, but not if they’re not. It’s going to get bad enough for us: it’ll be unbearable for them.

And if you think it’s a pain in the arse to get off your arse and wander down to cast your vote, think what a drag it’s going to be for me. Think Daniel in a snake pit: the more I’m on the money, the more opprobrium I’ll attract, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.


So remember what Ghandi said:


First they ignore you.

Then they laugh at you.

Then they fight you.

Then you win.


But I can’t do it alone.

I need people like you to stand in every electorate right across the country.

So sign up now!


Keep calm and vote for the revolution.

This is our war.