The History of Democracy

Democracy may have got it’s start in Athens over two thousand years ago, but it lasted less than two hundred. Click on the videos to find out how it happened, and what’s happened since.

01 - Pre-HistoryBefore Democracy

If we’re all created equal, why’s the Queen in charge? 
And since we’re mammals, why do we behave like insects?

02 - The GreeksThe Greeks
After thousands of years of “civilisation”, the Greeks show us how it’s really done.

03 - Class WarClass War
Peasants weren’t always poor. With the help of Parliament, 5,000 Enclosure Acts over 500 years robbed them of their ancestral lands: it was the crime of the millennium.

04 - The LevellersThe Levellers
The first case of British democracy took place in the New Model Army, after the defeat of Charles I. It didn’t last.

05 - The ChartistsThe Chartists
After the revolutions in America and France, all the Chartists wanted was fair elections and the vote for all.

06 - The SuffragettesThe Suffragettes
These brave women were the only people systematically tortured by the state in their fight for the right to party.

07 - The Labour PartyThe Labour Party
Bourgeois Socialists in the Aristocratic Embrace.

08 - Welcome to you NightmareWelcome to Your Nightmare
The new millennium delivers the greatest robbery of all time, backed with a AAA rating. You can’t beat that!